You are here: home health/fitness medical specialists oncology (general cancer) cancer in small intestine of my dog oncology (general cancer)/cancer in small intestine of my dog advertisement expert: claes-gustaf nordquist, m. D. - 1/19/2012 question dr. Nordquist, my 10 1/2 year old dog was diagnosed with either adenocarcinoma or fibrocarcinoma by two different vets. cheap viagra I was told that surgery could be done by 2 vets but this could make things worse for her in the long run and it may not extend her life. Also, if they open her up they may find that it has spread and may not be able to do anything else and just from opening her up this could casue problems for her. viagra for sale But, i was also told that i should have the surgery done by another vet just in case she has a chance since she is still active and looks healthy. Her blood work is fine and since i have changed her diet she is more active. However, she does have joint problems in her right leg and will limp once in awhile. Im afraid if i have the surgery done i may risk her life but if i dont do anything it will get worse. I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to which way you think i should go? Also, can you recommend any supplements i could give her or special foods that could help? cheap viagra online I feel helpless and would appreciate your feedback! Thanks for your time. order viagra online Crystal answer sorry, i'm not a veterinarian so this is outside my area of expertise. I'm here only as a cancer doctor for humans (though i have owned both dogs and cats - and parrots) i've also lost a cat to pancreatic cancer so i do understand your feelings. I suggest that you discuss this with a veterinary expert here. viagra cost You can also reach me at: there is no limit to the number of questions there. Please note: new site! can u buy viagra chemist Donations are also always welcome! No amount is too small, no amount is too big! Add to this answer ask a question related articles small intestine - routine inspection of the small intestine in hnpcc small intestine - routine inspection of the small intestine in hnpcc symptoms of small cell lung cancer colostomy and ileostomy in ovarian cancer - stomas and ovarian cancer colon cancer information oncology (general cancer) all answers answers by expert: claes-gustaf nordquist, m. D. buy generic viagra Donald higby, m. D. Michael dean dr m khalid munir doug bank juliet seigle, md ask experts volunteer claes-gustaf nordquist, m. D. Expertise questions concerning cancer, oncology, radiation therapy, tumours, chemotherapy, cytotoxic drugs, hormonal therapy, radiation protection. Experience i'm a doctor of medicine and specialist in medical oncology and radiation therapy educated & trained in sweden. Now retired. is 5 mg of viagra effective Background in radiation therapy, medical oncology, radiation protection, nuclear medicine, diagnostic radiology, gynecological oncology, clinical pathology, clinical cytology,hematology and internal medicine. M. using viagra viagra D. From the faculty of medicine, royal karolinska institute, stockholm, sweden.. using viagra viagra
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